Computex 2014 – Kingston Hyper X PCI-E SSD, DDR4, Fury and Savage memory

Kingston is one of the biggest memory manufacturers in the world, and their HyperX brand has really grown a lot in the last years, so it comes to no surprise that Kingston had a whole bunch of new products to show at Computex. First of all, I have to say that Kingston had their own location in Taipei, where they showcased their latest products, and also hosted a gaming and overclocking championship (HyperX OC Takeover). We’ll talk about the HyperX OC Takeover in the article dedicated to the OC shows at Computex, but untill then we have a lot of new products to discuss.

Well, you all know by now, Computex 2014 was about DDR4 and M2 and PCI-E SSD. Of course, Kingston made no exception, so they showed us their own M2.2280 SSD, which comes in one capacity (120GB) and can reach speeds up to 555/520MB. Their PCI-E SSD on the other hand, called HyperX Predator PCI-E SSD, can get up to 2TB, and it has an impressive 1800 MB/s speed, because of the LSI SF3700 controller.



We could also see the Fury HyperX SSD, based on the SF2281 controller. It comes in 120GB and 240GB capacities and can reach speeds up to 500/500 MB/s. The mainstream SSDNow V310 shows an impressive capacity (960GB) and it is based on a Phison 3108 controller.



Besides SSD’s, we could also see a lot of memory products from Kingston, starting with the 8GB DDR4 2133 kit (1.2v), the fastest SO-Dimm kit on the market (HyperX Impact – DDR3 2666) and up to the four desktop series – HyperX Fury, HyperX Savage, HyperX Predator and HyperX Beast.







Kingston also showed some USB 3 sticks, but honestly speaking the HyperX Fury USB 3.0 sticks can’t reach the speeds the good old HyperX launched 2 years ago could. On the other hand, the DataTraveler microDUO USB3.0 stick is a nice addition to Kingston’s line-up – a very tiny USB 3.0 stick that comes in 16/32/64 capacities and it also has OTG functionality.



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