Computex 2014 – InWin shows D-Frame mini, S-Frame & Direwolf

InWin D-Frame was a very special case, which most you could see at big it shows (DreamHack for instance) in the stands of big manufacturers who wanted to show their special systems to the public. Well, it seems that the D-Frame was quite a success, and it would also seem that the mini ITX fever got to the designers from InWin, so they did a logical move at Computex – the introduced the InWin D-Frame Mini.

InWin D-Frame Mini is a slick looking case designed for high-end mini ITX systems. You can fit in a serious VGA card, you have enough room for a high-end PSU and you can also mount a liquid cooling system for your CPU. I think the LanParty / fashion PC aficionados will definitely be interested in such a different case that can put their mini ITX rigs into a nice, exotic light, for 330 EUR.

Of course, InWin’s S-Frame was also present at Computex and I must say it is a very interesting sight to see with your own eyes. The one-piece aluminium behemoth is interesting both from a manufacturing process point of view (one piece folded 15 times ) and also from a design point of view. However, I am almost sure that the final price tag (750 Euro) will probably scare away most of the regular folks. After all, it is a high-end case for a high-end PC.

And on that note, I must say that the Direwolf case is definitely interesting for most of the users, because for a reasonable price-tag (~70 Euro) they will get a cammo themed case with an interesting look and good features (like the 3 x 120mm fans included and also enough 5.25 and 3.5 bays – 3 & 5 ).










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