Computex 2014 – Intel Devil’s Canyon

I think that Devil’s Canyon is not coming as a surprise for anybody, after all we were all waiting for the K models of the Haswell refresh series. Of course, Intel had a nice demo system at their stand, showing a Core i7 4790K running stable at 4.8GHz watercooled.

To sum it up, Intel Core i7 4790K, code name Devil’s Canyon, is a Haswell core CPU clocked at 4GHz, with better thermal compund between the IHS and the die of the CPU. I know overclockers from all over the world had big expectations from these new CPU’s but I am sorry to let you down – nothing changed in terms of LN2 overclocking.

On the other hand, people who just want to push their CPU on air, to a stable speed higher than the factory set 4GHz, can overclock 4790K very easily and get good clocks and good temperatures even on air. So even if nothing changed in term of LN2 usage, the regular enthusiast has something to cheer for because of the higher stable clocks you can get very easy with the new K sku CPU’s.





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