Computex 2014 – High Power showcased 1500W Astro GD and Wi-Fi enabled Astro PT

The new trend in PSU developing seems to be the switch to digital VRM and incorporating a micro-controller for advanced monitoring. Taiwanese manufacturer High Power went a step forward and equipped its Astro PT digital PSU also with Wi-Fi capability. This allows users to use an external device such as a notebook or tablet to monitor the PSU’s parameters, useful feature especially when the main system is under heavy load and you cannot load the software.

High Power showcased also their most powerful unit yet, the 1500W Astro GD which is pretty massive judging by its external look. The company’s focus is however in the entry-level and mainstream markets, so we could saw also some compact SFX 80PLUS Gold certified units the most powerful being a 500W model.






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