Computex 2014 – GIGABYTE is preparing Black Edition VGA

By now you all know GIGABYTE’s Black Edition motherboard line, the products by which GIGABYTE wants to show their commitment into bringing really ultra durable products to the market. All Black Edition motherboards are tested for 168 hours in GIGABYTE’s facility in Nanping, to assure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Today I had the opportunity to visit the factory again (I will tell you more about this in a special report in the following days) and I also saw the Black Edition testing facility. 3000 motherboards are tested at a time, using 3DMark and bitcoin mining programs.

Well, when I was there I had the opportunity to spot an upcoming product package for GIGABYTE GTX 750Ti Black Edition (GA-N75TWF2BK-2GI). So it would seem the the advantages of the Black Edition series (thorough testing and 5 years warranty) will also be available on GIGABYTE VGA products. I would like to see a GTX 780Ti Black Edition for sure…




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    1. Jayve wrote on:

      LOL they test their Black edition motherboards with a VGA burn-in test (3dmark & bitcoin)… haha.
      They have the same spec as their normal models and cost 20% more, just for a test which doesn’t help.

      Means that you need to pay more for a 2nd handed product.#fail

    2. Monstru Post author wrote on:

      U do have 5 years warranty though 🙂


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