Computex 2014 – GIGABYTE Overclocking – G Power VRM

GIGABYTE’s commitment to overclocking is no secret – the company has a special motherboard series for this purpose and they also use to organize one of the biggest overclocking competitions in the world – GOOC. This year GIGABYTE went a bit further and had a special place in their booth for some overclocking tools. Of course, we are not interested in the CPU pot or the blow-torch, since these were put there for display purposes only. But the graphic cards modded with the G Power VRM are something else, and it is nice to see that a company the size of GIGABYTE understood the need for an external VRM for graphic cards. The only thing I wish now is for this thing to go retail.

On another note, GIGABYTE had quite a crew of overclockers at Computex. You all know HiCookie and dinos22, and you all know that they are working for Gigabyte as overclockers for quite a while now. But maybe you didn’t know that DaCoSa and sofos1990 are also putting their experience in GIGABYTE’s service. Well, besides these 4 guys, GIGABYTE also invited Sin0822 and SniperOZ to represent their company at Computex.

The guys had a special overclocking corner in GIGABYTE’s suite in Taipei 101 where they overclocked daily, and they also participated in many of the Computex OC events on behalf of GIGABYTE (they really smashed HyperX OC Takeover, for instance).






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