Computex 2014 – Enermax showcases Liqmax II & Ostrog Adv




As always the booth of our friends from Enermax is very spectacular, firstly because of the modded ThormaxGT case which is very imposing. Secondly we have a BTC / LTC mining system in which a single Platimax 1350W can run flawlessly four Radeon R9 290X at full LOAD. This is not something hard to believe because we tested Platimax 1350W up to 1800W perfectly stable.

Regarding new products, Enermax showcases the Liqmax II which will be a new mainstream closed-loop water cooler with a 240mm aluminum radiator. The difference from the its predecessor comes from the the looks, new rubber tubes and the fans supplied which now have 2nd generation Batwing blades and adjustable peak speed (APS).







Also in the new products category we have also a bunch of new HDD racks: EMK5501, EMK0501 & EMK1001. The racks have an aluminum enclosure for enhanced heat dissipation, internal RAID controller, automatic fan controller with alarm and can be connected through an USB 3.0 or eSATA ports.

In terms of cases we have several new products that are improved versions of the already existent model: Ostrog Adv, Ostrog Q & iVektor Q.





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