Computex 2014 – Deutsche Messe advertises CeBIT 2015 at Computex

Computex is the 2nd largest IT fare in the world because for many years the number one was the famous CeBIT, organized in Hanover, Germany. As you know CeBIT has always been one of our favorite IT shows in the world, together with Computex and IDF. The problem is that CeBIT has taken a more business oriented form in the last years, and so many of the big players in the industry (GIGABYTE, Nvidia, Asus, MSI, etc) had stopped attending. And, as you also know, we go to this shows to bring our readers the latest news. If the big players in our industry are not there, we don’t really have much to say about that show, so there is not much of a reason for us to attend.

Also, Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress is slowly pushing CeBIT away from it’s normal time (first week in March) and more and more people are attending MWC, so CeBIT has fallen into a shadow cone as far as consumers, consumer oriented companies and IT media are concerned. In order to solve this issue, Deutsche Messe (the company that organizes CeBIT) advertised in an original way this year, right in the heart of Computex 2014. Outside of Nangang Hall you could see a big banner about the next edition of CeBIT (2015). But there was also another ingenious way of advertising, in the presence of the guys waking around with a big flag that said “Free Beer. Munchner Halle”.

Well, for those who don’t know, Munchner Halle is an enormous hall located on the CeBIT grounds in Hanover, that has a small Oktoberfest inside each evening. Imagine a traditional Bavarian place that hosts 400 people, where a brass band sings beer drinking songs, and bavarian dressed ladies bring you liter beers and Jager shots. Well, for those who have been there, the sign “Munchner Halle” is sure to bring back very crazy memories about the city usually called “Hangover” instead of Hanover. And as we say, what happens in Hangover city stays there.

Well, you can imagine I was intrigued by the sign, so I took some free beer coupons and I search for their stand. All you had to do was give your business card and the coupon and you would get a free beer. Unfortunately it was not German beer, but anyway, great way of advertising!!!



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