Computex 2014 – Cougar unveils new gaming gear: 700M & 700K

Although Cougar is known best for their PSU and cases, the company decided some time ago to enter also the gaming peripherals market. Their latest innovations in this segment were the major focus inside their booth at Computex 2014 which is taking place right now in Taiwan.

We have the highly adjustable Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse with features like 8200DPI Laser Sensor, 32-bit ARM processor, 512KB onboard memory, weight adjustment, adjustable & interchangeable palmrest and also internal aluminium structure. As every gaming mouse needs am equally equipped keyboard, Cougar also presented the 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It has several programmable keys (M-keys & G-keys), onboard memory, 32-bit ARM processor, Cherry mechanical keys and it has full key backlight.





We can also talk about new products regarding Cougar’s line of PSU, such as the 80PLUS Gold rated GXD or the 80PLUS Bronze rated CMD. The GX and CM series exist already in the line-up, the added D suffix shows that the PSU is completely digital. This technology allows the user to interact with the PSU for monitoring the most important parameters (efficiency, power consumption divided per components, temperature) and changing some settings (rail voltage, fan speed).

The last new product on Cougar’s agenda is the QBX Mini Gaming Tower, which has indeed a sleek and very modern look, mostly due to the brushed aluminium exterior finishing. It can blend in your living room as well as in your gaming man cave!




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