Computex 2014 – ADATA shows 2TB PCI-E SSD and DDR4 memory

Be it CeBIT or Computex ADATA always has a nice colorful stand with lots of new products. This year the strategy was the same, so ADATA was the first company to show us DDR4 memory on a working platform. Of course, at this points the timings are nothing to get excited about (DDR4 2750 14-14-14-36) but this was the case with any new memory standard when it first appeared. Besides that, ADATA also showed us a DDR3 3100 memory kit and the new XPG series with interchangeable heatspreaders.







Of course, DDR was not the only interesting thing in ADATA’s stand – maybe one of the most impresive pieces of hardware there is the 2TB PCI-E SSD. Based on a SF3739 SandForce controller, the ADATA SR1020 SSD can reach speads up to 1800 MB/s and 150k IOPS. Same performance can be seen by the M2 PCI-E SSD, ADATA M2 2280.

Besides these two heavy-weights, ADATA also showed some new SSD models – with speeds up to 555MB/s W/R and 100k IOPS, ADATA SX920 is based on a SandForce controller and it comes with capacities ranging from 128GB to 2TB! We also saw some 1TB and 2TB models based on Marvell controllers.






Besides DDR4 and very fast SSD we could see some new and insteresting products like the UHS-I U3 SDHC cards. The new models are compatible with the latest 4K shooting technologies and besides reaching 95MB/s they also comply to the latest SD 3.0 standard. ADATA Elite CE700 wireless charging stand got a Computex Design award this year, and I am sure some of ADATA’s powerbanks also got close to that performance.

In the end, ADATA wanted to show us that their products are certified to work in very heavy conditions, in temperatires ranging from -40 to +85 and we even saw some waterproofed technology like SSD’s (even though something tells me that if you get water on your SSD you have other parts to worry about then the SSD itself…)







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