25 July 2014. .

LAB501 weekly news – 25.07.2014

After we launched the reader’s corner with Arise’s wonderful DYI eGPU study, we are now launching yet another special column, called LAB501 weekly news. It is no secret that we are trying to provide you with very technical in-depth articles, but that also means that we cannot cover every subject possible. Well, fortunately we have other colleagues around the world that are also doing a […]

23 July 2014. .

EKWB Giveaway winners announced !!!

Howdy boys! Howe are we doing today? Everything cool? Well, here is something cooler. Our EKWB giveaway is over and we have to announce a lucky winner!!! If you remember, on the last page of our Overclocking study we gave you the chance to win one EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ Acetal waterblock, just like the one we used for our extreme water cooling tests and more […]

16 July 2014. .

One Plus One Review – The 2014 flagship killer

One Plus One   Here at LAB501 we always reserved a very special place for “that kind of phones”, no matter under which category they fell under. Sometimes we discuss products that would go unseen if somebody wouldn’t test them thoroughly (Acer CloudMobile S500 for instance) other times we test smartphones that get everybody’s attention (Xiaomi Mi3 for example). Sometimes we review products that are […]

09 July 2014. .

Team LAB501 takes GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force to 7GHz

With all this talk about Devil’s Canyon and Pentium Anniversary we thought that it would be refreshing to take a break from our serious work (you’ll see more about that the following days) and give our old Intel Core i7 4770K a try on LN2. After all we have been using the old chap for more then a year to test graphic cards and stuff […]

08 July 2014. .

AIDA64 and LAB501 Giveaway winners announced !!!

Ok boys, not long ago we started our second weekly giveaway, with the help of our friends from AIDA64. We gave you the opportunity to win 5 x AIDA64 Extreme licenses and many of you answered our call. Today it is time to see who the lucky winners are !!! The correct answer to our question (What year was AIDA64 released) was: a – 2010 […]

01 July 2014. .

Futuremark and LAB501 Giveaway winners announced

A week ago we invited you to get into our first LAB501 weekly giveaway, where we offered a couple of 3DMark Advanced keys and one PCMark 8 Advanced key. We are happy to announce that we organized the lucky draw using, and we can now show you who the 3 lucky winners are!!! You can also watch the lucky draw recording in the YouTube […]

30 June 2014. .

AIDA64 and LAB501 Giveaway – Enter to win !!!

Here we are at the beginning of a new week, and what do you know – we have yet another exciting giveaway for our readers !!! As you remember, last week we gave you the chance to win some awesome Futuremark product keys. That giveaway is closed now and the winners will be announced tomorrow. Today we are looking at another piece of software that […]

24 June 2014. .

Intel Devil’s Canyon 4790K hits 5.2GHz on normal ambient and Pentium G3258 does 5.1GHz too

We told you a bit about Intel’s new CPU, Devil’s Canyon, but after we got back home from Computex we also started to play with Intel Core i7 4790K, but also with the Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition. Well, to sum it up, we are preparing a huge article for you guys, that will leave the overclockers drooling, as well as the air-cooled aficionados. I don’t […]

23 June 2014. .

Futuremark and LAB501 Giveaway – Enter to win !!!

If you are a PC enthusiast, you most definitely used one of Futuremark’s benchmarks in the last 16 years to test the performance of your rig (if you didn’t, I find it hard to understand how you found our website…). It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, who wants to see how strong his gaming machine is, or an overclocker, who wants to compete […]

23 June 2014. .

Overclocking at Computex 2014

I remember the time when we started LAB501 and so many manufacturers used to tell us that we are writing for a niche, that the audience will never be big enough in order for us to survive through the economical crisis that was starting to show it’s gloomy face in the IT industry. I also remember when guys from IT forums used to look at […]

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