ASUS Crossblade Ranger Review

In the Monitor section we can find Qfan Tuning option which automatically modifies you fan profiles depending on the CPU temperature in your system. You can also do this manually from the Fan Speed Control section, but this requires a a bit more knowledge. In the Voltage Monitor, Temperature Monitor and Fan Speed Monitor users can find monitoring information about the current running system.





It’s good to see that ASUS kept some features from their high-end motherboards, like overclocking profiles and SSD secure erase straight from BIOS. In case you need more info about the RAM modules installed in your PC, you can access SPD Information and you can see detailed info about their SPD. Also, in the Extreme Tweaker section accessing the GPU.DIMM Post you can see the graphic cards and RAM installed on the motherboard and the clocks and bandwidth they run.




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    1. Small typo in the last page: “Don’t get me wrong, I like the ASUS Crossblade Ranger and it’s probably the best AM2+… ” . AM2+ boards are long gone, so I guess you meant FM2+.


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