ASUS Crossblade Ranger Review

Packaging & bundle



The box is a little smaller than what we are used to, but we can see the same Republic of Gamers color thematic. On the front we can see that we get also a bonus ROG mouse-pad inside, while on the back we can see the specifications and some of the most important features.

The bundle is also reduced to your basic needs, meaning that you get a User Guide, DVD with drivers and utilities, I/O shield and 4 SATA cables. Yes, and the ROG mouse pad which is a nice addition for all the ASUS fans out there.


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    1. Small typo in the last page: “Don’t get me wrong, I like the ASUS Crossblade Ranger and it’s probably the best AM2+… ” . AM2+ boards are long gone, so I guess you meant FM2+.


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