ASUS Crossblade Ranger Review

ASUS Crossblade Ranger

AMD’s line of mainstream APUs has been on the market for some while, but ASUS didn’t think they were in need of a ROG motherboard. All through the FM1 (Llano) and FM2 (Trinity, Richland) users all over the world expressed their disappointment to ASUS about not launching a ROG motherboard for these platforms. The wait is over now because ASUS just launched its first ROG motheboard targeting AMD’s mainstream APU line: Crossblade Ranger.

The motherboard is equipped with the A88X chipset, being a FM2+ motherboard it will support all FM2 (Trinity, Richland) and FM2+ (Kaveri) APUs and CPUs. Although ROG motherboards are usually expensive and heavy overclocking oriented, the new Crossblade Ranger its designed to match the platform price and target audience. At a MSRP of $160 the mainboard adds to the market a mix of overclocking and gaming features, but without going over the edge.

Today we’ll take a look at the board itself and see what surprises we can find through the BIOS, but we’ll skip on the overclocking section because it’s really nothing new we can show you right now. Kaveri APUs are good all-arounders for their price but in terms of overclocking they are limited by the manufacturing process and silicon quality. When Kaveri will get a new revision we will show you what the ASUS Crossblade Ranger can do for sure. Richland was much better for overclocking but the architecture is last generation and it has no actual relevance for today’s market and buyers.


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    1. Small typo in the last page: “Don’t get me wrong, I like the ASUS Crossblade Ranger and it’s probably the best AM2+… ” . AM2+ boards are long gone, so I guess you meant FM2+.


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