Android L – Rerouting Google…

Now, I don’t blame anyone for thinking that a vastly colored interface, full of animations and little flourishes, sounds like something an Asian company would come up with. Come to think of it, aren’t Samsung’s or LG’s skins the exact same thing? Well, fortunately, that would be a wrong conclusion. While Android L really is that colorful and playful, it doesn’t make you feel like it all has been added just for the sake of it. The graphical interface responds to the user’s input in a strangely natural way, making you think you’re interacting directly with the on-screen graphical elements. Take a look below to see how the interface works.

I’m absolutely amazed by the amount of detail that went into this. I’m digging especially the overscroll glow, which now orients itself after your finger. Ripples in selectable list elements and buttons don’t appear in a random position, but at the exact coordinates where you touched the screen. Elastic animations in the notification shade offer you a great amount of feedback, almost telling you how to use it. It all seems normal when you think of it, but these are all new to Android and they make quite a big impact.

The lockscreen has gained some well-deserved functionality, namely notification handling. The number of possible interactions is quite large: you can swipe left or right to dismiss, double tap to open, swipe down to reveal all notifications or swipe up to unlock the phone. Swiping left or right outside of a notification takes you to the camera or to the dialer, respectively. I think Google was spot on with these additions, because they augment the concept of glanceable information; you’re simply wasting less time to perform ordinary actions.

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