AMD Radeon R9 295X2 – Nuclear launch detected

Cooling system


“You will witness something for the very first time…” a fellow from the agency told me. “Guys, I have seen such things before” I wanted to reply. Anticipating my answer, the agent continued “…the first time when somebody is using such a cooling system on a reference card”. Well… he had a point – I have seen water cooled custom designs since 2009, but nobody dared to use such a solution for a reference design. Well, when you have to cool of 500W, there is no surprise they had to bring in the heavy guns.

AMD’s solution was elegant and efficient, and I suppose this had something to do with the fact that they worked with some experts in the field of watercooling, namely Asetek. The two cores were cooled down using two Asetek waterblocks. Each block had its own pump and both were connected in series in order to circulate the cooling liquid through the 120mm radiator. There, the liquid was cooled down with the help of a 120mm fan, before it was sent back to the waterblocks to repeat the thermal cycle.

Of course, the cores were not the only components that were cooled properly. On the back of the card we could find a backplate which was taking the heat of the GDDR 5 IC’s, while on the front of the card we could see two black radiators that were cooling the components surrounding the cores. The VRM was cooled with a separated copper radiator and with the help of the red fan positioned in the middle. The whole set-up looked pretty interesting and soon I was going to find out what it was capable of.








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