AMD Radeon R9 295X2 – Nuclear launch detected

Noise levels





We measure the noise level using a professional Voltcraft meter, namely SL200. The meter is fixed on a tripod at 85cm from our test platform, above the CPU cooler. For this test, the CPU runs fanless at 3GHz. The only fan besides the one from the graphic card is the one from the PSU.

The tests are done in a soundproof room with a noise level bellow 32dB. Remember – the numbers you see here are relevant to our test platform and you will get different results at home, in a case, etc. Our reference system is built so we can compare various graphic cards in the same conditions. The sound level is measured during 4 runs of Crysis 2 in 1920×1200 with 8xAA. The numbers you see in the graphs are the maximum levels measured during these tests.

Well, with a high power consumption and low temperatures we would have expected this test to have a noisy outcome, but AMD and Asetek manage to impress once again and the noise levels are pretty low for a high-end graphic card. And definitely lower than those of the AMD R9 290X…

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