AMD Radeon R9 295X2 – Nuclear launch detected



 R9 290XHD 7990R9 295 X2GTX 780 Ti

GPU clock1000 MHz1000 MHz1018 MHz876 MHz
GDDR clock1250 MHz1500 MHz1250 MHz1750 MHz
Boost clock1000 MHz1000 MHz1018 MHz928 MHz
Memory4096 MB2 x 3072 MB2 x 4096 MB3072 MB
Bus512 bit2 x 384 bit2 x 512 bit384 bit
Shader processors 28162 x 20482 x 28162880
ROPs642 x 322 x 6448
Process28 nm28 nm28 nm28 nm
Power6+88 + 88 + 86 + 8
TDP290 W375 W500 W250 W
Die size438 mm22 x 365 mm22 x 438 mm2550 mm2
Transistor count6,2 billion 8,6 billion12,4 billion7.1 billion

Just a couple of hours before I have received the metal case I have also received a highly classified communication in which the parameters for the new weapon were disclosed. The name was AMD Radeon R9 295X2 and besides using a single PCB and a different cooling solution, the specs detailed in the technical paper seemed very familiar. After all, on the same PCB I could now find two cores which I knew very well from AMD R9 290X. And even if the new weapon was called Vesuvius instead of Hawaii, the specs were the same, except for the clocks.

And even the clocks weren’t that different. The memory was running at the same speed, while the cores on AMD Radeon R9 295X2 were running at 1018MHz (compared to 1000MHz on AMD R9 290X). I know, only a 2% speed bump, but we have to take into consideration that we now have 2 cores on the same PCB, so that was not an easy task. Under this circumstances, the 500W declared TDP was coming as no surprise, especially when we were talking about a weapon with 12,4 billion transistors.



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