AMD Radeon R9 295X2 – Nuclear launch detected

AMD Radeon R9 295X2

…the 4K display was showing the same message for 20 min now… activate the Hydra Weapon System. The red line of characters was repeating itself over and over again while I was assembling the weapon. It was just a few minutes after I have entered the correct code to unlock the metal case I have received from the agency when the high-tech 4K monitor started to go wild. First, a series of artifacts of different colors made me think that I was dealing with a broken monitor or with some sort of electromagnetic interference.

Shortly after the artifacts started to show, the screen turned black and I could see the first message of that day – Nuclear launch detected – AMD launch imminent, followed by the obsessively repeating phrase “activate the Hydra Weapon System”. The timing was too precise to be just a coincidence… the 4K monitor didn’t show any artifacts until now so I had all reasons to believe that this odd behavior was directly related to the metal case I have received that day…

After all, the weapon had to be connected to the monitor in order to be activated… and this was the reason I have gotten that monitor years ago. Well…honestly speaking, after the green side made their announcement I was hoping I could prepare both weapons simultaneously so I can test them side by side. However, I cannot say I was too shocked when I learned that the “Z” was not ready. It was not the first time a thing like that happened. Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting to see a green weapon too soon, which was an extra reason for me to be a bit surprised when I received the metal crate with the AMD logo from the red team.

While I was thinking about this odd situation, I was mounting the rig with mechanical gestures. I did that so many times in the past that the cables almost went in their connectors on their own and I didn’t even finish thinking about all this and the weapon was already set-up. Cute beast, I said to myself before pressing the button…

A dim red light started to embrace the room, followed by the sound of liquid circulating through the cooling pipes. Hmm… the beast was much more silent then I expected… I said to myself just before the red light transformed into a giant dome that was covering our lab. Six days later the weapon system was operating at full specs and the red dome was covering the entire northern hemisphere.


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      A little typo in the second pharagraph: “The timing was to precise to be just a coincidence…”. The correct form of the first “to” is “too”, not “to”.

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      Also you wrote “before” as “be fore” on the third page.

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      I’m glad I could help you!

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