Allview Impera i – dual SIM Windows Phone 8.1

Getting on to the screen, we didn’t have a chance to measure the display but that is of no importance since the software is not yet final so there are still fine adjustments to do. Many of you will look at the 720p resolution and think that this is somehow outdated in 2014. And terms like IPS and OGS (One Glass Solution) will probably not catch your attention, as they usually are marketing terms. However, the most important thing when it comes to a display is how good it looks, and I have to say that the display used on Impera i is phenomenal for this price range. The resolution is more than enough and the contrast is pretty good. However, there are some bleeding issues and at extreme angles the contrast is very low.

I was also very pleased with the audio capabilities of the phone. Impera i cannot stand in the same line with the best phones on the market but the volume is very high-without distortion. That makes the phone calls sound very good even in noisy environments – tested by yours truly at a concert.

The good reception also helps with this – I didn’t had any connectivity issues with this phone and it never lost GSM signal. Also, the theoretical maximum download speed (42Mbps) is only topped by 4G phones, which is very nice. And remember, we are talking about a very affordable smartphone.




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