Allview Impera i – dual SIM Windows Phone 8.1

On the sides of the phone we find the usual keys (volume on the left and power on the right) and the micro USB connector and 3.5mm stereo jack on the upper side of the phone. However, unlike in the old days of Windows Phone, you will not find a dedicated camera key. The only observation I have to make regarding the build quality is the amount of force you have to use in order to press the side keys. Taking into consideration the fact that the phone is slim and slippery, I would have appreciated it if I wouldn’t had to apply such force in order to be able to push the buttons.

The interior layout is also very simple – the main components are located in the top side of the phone while the lower side is reserved for the battery. I really liked the old school way in which you can introduce the micro SIM into its tray – you flip the metallic safety, you place the SIM and then you lower the safety. It’s such a simple, effective way, especially when you use a plastic adapter (in LAB501 we use nano SIM’s and the adapters to micro or normal SIMs, so we can test any phone with the same SIM).

In order to insert the micro SD card you have to remove the battery and there is also a safety sticker that tells us not to remove any of the SIMs while the phone is turned on.









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