Allview Impera i – dual SIM Windows Phone 8.1

The design of the new Impera i is pretty interesting, even if the phone is pretty mundane from a construction point of view. This is not a high-end smartphone so the fine details are missing and the back of the phone si made from a very shiny plastic. Even so, the reduced thickness (7.2mm) and weight of the phone (98.9g) will give you an interesting sensation while handling it. At first, you feel like you are using a small tablet of some sort – with a simple shape and big bezels, the Impera i does not fit perfectly in your hand in the first couple of hours. However, after you get used to it you will appreciate the fact that you can always fit it in your pants and that your arm does not get tired when your are holding it against your ear.

The front side of the phone is designed in the classic Allview style. When I first tested such phones I was not convinced with the generic design, but after a while this has become quite a signature for the romanian manufacturer. A notable detail for the front side – the keys are pretty interesting, with a small circle in the middle and two dots on the sides. In the beginning you will get confused as to which is the Back and which is the Search key, but in time you will get used to it and you will see that it actually looks pretty neat.







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