Allview Impera i – dual SIM Windows Phone 8.1

Here we are at the final chapter of our preview, and I think the conclusions are pretty simple. My general feeling regarding this phone is very good, because for 200 USD / 150 Euro without a contract I cannot think of another smartphone better put together then the Imperia i. The recipe seems to be ideal – the performance is more then enough, giving the user a smooth experience, we have two SIM slots, a good display and a fresh operating system.

I would even say that Impera i is a better “package” than some of the well known Android smartphones from Allview. First of all, compared to some mainstream Android phones from Allview the software seems better put together. Microsoft’s restrictions seem to be working wonderfully in this case, because the end result is a smooth OS, with carefully designed and intuitive graphic interface.Everything works perfectly when it comes to the users interface and this is a big thing for a small brand (worldwide speaking).

Also, the price is very convenient – the hardware from the Android V1 Viper (Gionee Elife E3) is similar but that phone is more expensive. I don’t know if Microsoft is helping them in this direction, in order to promote their OS, or if there are other reasons, but the price is very attractive (for readers outside EU, the price also has romanian VAT included. The price outside EU would be 24% smaller).

Ok, I said all these nice things about Impera i, but it also has it’s flaws. I’ll say this straight on – it is not the most careful built phone and the attention to detail is not very convincing – the side keys are hard to press, the camera needs a lot of work from the software department and the body is not built with high-end in mind.

What I am trying to say is that Impera i is not a phone for the picky ones, who want an expensive and elegant jewelry. However, if you don’t mind this kind of details, Impera i is pretty awesome phone for the price tag. I think that the mix between performance, user experience and even battery life is optimum, considering the price and Impera i is a phone that really has something to offer to the potential user. And of course, such a phone is a big step forward for Allview and Microsoft too, if you ask me.


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