Allview Impera i – dual SIM Windows Phone 8.1

As you know we test the battery life with both real life and synthetic tests. The first scenario is that in which we use the phone normally – we make calls, we listen to music, watch videos, play, use social media apps and spend time on the internet. Even though this scenarios cannot be repeated, it gives us an idea regarding how your day will look with such a device.

The second scenario is when we set the brightness to 100% and WiFi on and then we watch a movie until the phone shuts down. When it comes to gaming, we use Asphalt 8: Heat ( a great resource hog) and again we drain the whole battery of the phone.

We managed to get one hour and a half in gaming and 4 hours and a half of video playback, together with around 38 hours of regular usage. The LiPolimer battery Allview is using on Imperia i gets good results and you can use the phone for almost two days if you take care a bit about the resource management (close the connections you don’t use and don’t game too much). As far as gaming and video recording is concerned, the battery life falls under other Windows Phone smartphones capabilities.

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