ADATA DashDrive Durable UD320 OTG Review

So kids, what did we learn today? Well, first of all we learned that even when we don’t have a micro SD connector on our smartphone and we don’t use cloud storage we can still extend the storage of our smartphone for a very reasonable price. Paying 25 USD for 32GB extra is a bargaining if you ask me, even if there are a few downsides to this solution.

If you plan to buy such a device, you should check first if your smartphone or tablet supports OTG, and you should also know that using an OTG USB solution is not as comfortable as using a micro SD card. You cannot leave the stick inside all the time or use it to listen to music while you jog. However, if you have an OTG enabled smartphone, you can use this type of solution to listen to some music while you barbecue (there are a lot of affordable portable speakers out there especially for this type of activities) or you can watch a movie or two on the plane or train even if you don’t have enough space on your phone.

You can also use such an adapter to connect peripherals like mice or keyboards, gamepads or card readers. And even if we used ADATA UD320 OTG as an example, there are a whole lot of other devices like this out there from most of the memory manufacturers. And if you already own a large USB stick you can simply buy an adapter cable for 5 USD and get on with it.

With supplement documentation added by the USB association for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 standards, the future is looking quite bright for this type of products, but I feel that we still have to see most smartphones and tablet manufacturers embrace OTG to assure compatibility on most products. In case you were wondering, OTG support is not only a software issue but also a hardware issue (most MediaTek solutions at the moment are not OTG enabled, for instance) so before we cheer for the possibility of expanding our memory for a really affordable price we should make sure that we have a device capable of such a thing.

However, for the lucky guys who own a smartphone or tablet that can act as an OTG host (most Samsung, HTC and LG devices for instance) such a solution is something to be taken into consideration if you like watching a lot of movies or using a keyboard to write your emails. And with most of the big memory players entering the OTG game, we can be sure that we can find a plethora of devices like ADATA UD320 OTG on the market, with good performance and reasonable prices.


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