ADATA DashDrive Durable UD320 OTG Review

As I mentioned before, you can also use ADATA UD320 OTG for other purposes. You can connect a bigger USB stick you already own (I used another USB stick from ADATA for this, the UD310/32GB), or you can connect a mouse ( I used a Logitech wireless mouse to test this and everything went flawless) or a keyboard.

You can also connect a card reader so you can empty the card from your camera to your phone if it gets full (but not all models are supported) and in the case of an emergency you can charge one phone from the host (the charging process will be slow though, due to the 500 mA limitation).

From my point of view, expanding your phone’s storage is a big plus, especially when you can do it for 16/25 USD. Also, if you have to write an important email and you don’t want to use the touch keyboard, connecting an USB keyboard via OTG and eventually using a Miracast adapter to send the image to a large screen TV can be a very comfortable solution.







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