ADATA DashDrive Durable UD320 OTG Review

For the testing part I thought that a real life situation would be suitable for most users, so I used an HTC One Max (4.4.2, HTC Sense 6) as a host smartphone and a regular Ivy Bridge notebook for testing the USB stick capabilities.

I tested the USB stick on the notebook first, with a synthetic benchmark (ATTO) but also with two real life copying tests (450MB folder with 163 photographs and a 325MB video recorded with the smartphone). After that, I repeated the real life copying tests using the smartphone.


As you can see, the USB stick is a regular USB 2.0 stick and my notebook has a regular USB 2.0 connector so the speeds are nothing to brag about (Read / Write – 15/12 MB/s for small files and 24/16 MB/s for large files)




However, the speeds are pretty consistent even when I use the smartphone, so you can easily use the stick to copy files or to play music straight from the USB stick. Full HD playback can work depending on the codec used for the file and the bitrate. If the bitrate is lower then 20 MB/s then you shouldn’t have a problem playing videos directly from the USB stick.


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